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Fecha publicación: 12 julio 2009
Empresa: Dylvian
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Versión: 2.1
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ABC.Radio’s new mobile application is now available. Users of this app are provided with the tools they need to design their very own way of listening to the station’s full range of programmes, as well as having access to up-to-the-minute information and the complete website content. The new version maintains all of the old features: listen live, access to the latest news bulletins, direct access to the best sections and programmes broadcast, access to the website and local radio tune-ins. The app retains its attractive, user-friendly design and includes an easy-to-use player that also allows you to adjust volume.

ABC.Radio, the doyen of the Spanish national press, and Punto Radio, the radio station which in barely six years has become essential listening on the dial, are now combining their news potential, their vocation to provide excellent service, their journalistic experience, their talent, their professionalism and their rigorous attention to detail in order to give rise to ABC.Radio. The prestige, reliability and credibility of ABC.Radio, a newspaper with over 100 years of experience, are now transferring to the airwaves, enabling the audience to choose when and how to access all of the latest news and current affairs.

The programmes are based around some of the best radio presenters from the world of communication: Luis del Olmo, José Antonio Abellán, Melchor Miralles, Isabel San Sebastián, Albert Castillón, Ángel Expósito…, with their highly qualified teams and collaborators.

Notable new features
-Revamped schedule and new programmes
-Version upgrade compatible with iOs 5
-Enhanced performance and improved bug resolution.

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